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this is a community for the posting pleasure of the fluids and marc. we thought it would be a fun thing to do
sebastian the discoball
4.20, [holds up a sign], activism, amaretto sours, andro dykes, angelina jolie, ani difranco, arguing, astroglide, bdsm, big bambu, biodicks, bioqueens, bisexuals, bois, bondage, bottoming, boys, britney spears, brooklyn, butches, buyable dicks, camel lights, catholic school uniforms, cats, chicks, cigarettes, condoms, coughing, cuddling, dancing, drag kings, drag queens, dying, dyke sex, dykes, e, eddie izzard, evil zeke, fags, fantasies, fear, femme as genderqueer, fireplay, first friday, flogging, fluidity, friendship, fuck buddies, g-spots, genderqueers, girls, glasses, god the weed box, gregg araki, guys, hand massages, hard cider, hbo, henrietta's, homosexuals, hot smokey love, house boys, incest, intellectual bullshit, izzardisms, kissing, latex, latex gloves, laughing, lemonade, lube, lust, lusty loft, making out, masturbation, music, new york city, no sleep, nyc delis, nyu, omnisexuals, oral sex, orgies, packing, pansexuals, partying, piercings, placebo, porn, power play, pretty masturbating boy, pridemonth, processing, queers, riding crops, rolling cigarettes, safer sex, sensuality, set, sex, sex parties, sex toys, sexuality, shakira, six feet under, sleep, sleeping together, sm, smoking up, snake, snapple apple, spanking, spin-the-bottle, sprite, stoned scrabble, stoners, strap-ons, strapping, subs, sva, sylvia rivera, taboo, tattoos, tegan & sara, the cloud, the greenwich hotel, the osbournes, the space aliens, the west village, threesomes, throb, tla, topping, tori amos, toys in babeland, trannies, tranny-chasers, tranny-lovers, trannybois, trannygirls, transmen, transwomen, tv, vibrators, victoria's secret, weed, weezy (rip), whap, x-files