Strange Days (ex_handyman) wrote in fluidsandmarc,
Strange Days

I'm having a moment of uber-sappy, so bear with me ...

I was just looking at La's Fluid Photography and thinking how much I love all of you even though I haven't known you for very long, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I really appreciate how you've all been so accepting ... cause really, no one's ever done that for me, and it means a lot. :-)
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well, we love you marc. and i can completely understand your sentiments and gratitude. they did the same thing for me--accepted me. and at the time, acceptance was something i'd really never gotten from people. the fluids are an amazing group; i'm so glad to be an integral part of them. and i'm happy that you feel the same way. *hug*
I remember the first night we met at Hedwig, I got great vibes from you. I was intrigued by you. And I just knew I had to know you. I was so sad when we couldn't find you again later that night. And could not believe I found your journal online the next day, a complete coincidence! T'was fate my friend. We were meant to love... ;)